Noisy Thoughts

This is where I procrastinate. It doesn't have a solid theme, but mainly involves a mix of my Lady Gaga worshipping, my inner cat lady, my love for dancing (especially ballet, pole dance, and aerial silks and hoops!), my enjoyment of ridiculous (and preferably sparkly) fashion, my complete obsession with makeup and cosmetology, and my slightly angry sex-positive feminist side.

I have another Tumblr as well. It's a feminist photo project, and you can check it out here!

You should also visit the pages for my Picture a Day for a Year projects! These are a little Internet project that I took on for fun, spurred by my love for taking pictures. The concept is simple: take one picture every single day for a year. Some day, when I'm old and wrinkly, I'll be able to look back on these pictures and their descriptions and remember things I would never have been able to otherwise. The individual pictures might not be special, or even really good, but they mean a lot to me!

Visit the 2010-2011 edition of my Picture of the Day project here:

Visit the 2012 edition of my picture project here: